3/21/18 | New job?

When you get a phone call for a phone interview before getting scheduled for the in person interview, it’s very scary. I didn’t know what to say. it was hard thinking of examples that they wanted to hear.
I applied to work at a bank. This will be my first full-time job…. If i get it. I’m excited because working at a bank has higher pay then the average minimum wage and you’ll at least get 40 hours a week. Right now I’m working two jobs. and only getting paid minimum wage and exceeding 40 hours a week. I’m good at what I do. I work hard. but I’m burnt out. Living in Maryland is very expensive. so this job will mean everything to me. it will give me a break without losing anything.
The interviewer asked questions like “Think of a time when a customer was very pleased by what you did. What did you do? what made the situation better?” I couldn’t think of a direct example. Another question was “Think of an example of when you acted with integrity through a difficult situation.” I was thinking in my head What does integrity mean again?  I froze and couldn’t speak. then I gave her the dumbest example now that I’m looking back.pexels-photo-567633.jpeg
Anyways, when the call ended she said she will call me back hoping to had a set date and time for a in person interview.. till then I need to work on my communication skills. But here’s a tip When applying for a job. Think of possible interview questions. and work on them with great grammar so you can at least sound like you have good educated mind. Hopefully my interviewer didn’t pay attention to my grammar. and hopefully she calls back soon.

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